ARTFreelife is a photo-sharing service.

 In addition to being a gallery of excellent photos ARTFreeLife shares the proposed works on the best Social with already over 90,000 followers. 

Not least the portal through various filters allows you to automatically highlight the best photos even if presented many months before. ARTFreelife is totally free.

For us the important thing is your presence with comments and photos only if you want you can make a small donation to support and grow the project.



You can submit three photos a day for a maximum weight of 2 Mb
The photos must be without frames, with a maximum side of 1200px and without invasive writings.
The selection will be made by the editorial staff within 12 hours from the presentation of the photo.
The best photos will be published on the website home and shared on the ARTFreeLife Social spaces at the discretion of the editors.
The photos published on Instagram by the editorial staff with #artfreelife will be visible on the portal.

NUDE PHOTOS, including artistic ones, are prohibited as the portal is connected to various social networks

It should be noted that even for the cover and profile photo the photos must be a maximum of 1 mb.

All photos that do not match the requirements will be deleted.
Unpublished photos that do not comply with the regulations will be deleted.


 The site is totally free and open to all professional photographers and advanced amateurs we only ask you to do something to actively support the project

Make at least 3 comments after uploading your photos
Share your photos and photos you like on your favorite social network
If you can, make a small donation to support the portal


Today the project includes four social networks with over 90,000 followers
The editorial staff supported by special software automatically shares the best photos on these social networks on a daily basis.

Here you will find the social sharing links:

 12 years of ARTFreelance-ARTFreeLife history

ARTFreeLife is part of the ARTFreeLance project, an idea born in 2010 to make it possible to share photos through social spaces and external sites, completely free and with a high level of photos.

Over time the project has evolved and changed several times portal to support the growing flow of users and photographic works.

The first ARTFreeLife web portal was born in 2013, but was abandoned for technical reasons and inaccessible costs.

In March 2017 the new portal arrives, modern and fully aligned to photographic needs.

In 2020 ARTFreeLife changes its portal again in order to guarantee a website that is easy to use and always connected to the most important social networks through sharing to ensure maximum visibility of photographic content.

The new ArtfreeLife wants to be a space to guarantee the visibility of quality content, an international showcase, where everyone can share their photos: the portal is only for advanced professionals and amateurs.





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